Winni JFO 2023
This summer's camp will be from July 22, 2023 to July 29, 2023.

Speaking Leaders:

Barbara Hyde

Barbara Hyde is a San Francisco Bay Area native, raised by a Methodist mother and a motley crew of four older siblings. She has worked in a variety of sectors: nonprofit, corporate, social services, and is currently in her 20th year at the California School for the Deaf. Upon embracing her authentic God-created self, she experienced rejection from traditional congregations for her “lifestyle choice.” Attending Lassen JFO in 2018 reestablished spiritual fellowship that had been lost for decades, and inspired deconstruction of long-held toxic beliefs. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys marveling in nature with her two German Shepherds and meeting up with friends for lively conversation and games.

Diane Bush

Diane is delighted and honored to be joining us at Winni this year and excited to share new chapters in her spiritual journey. She grew up in the Methodist church in Stockton, CA. Her first CFO/JFO camp was in Northern California 35 years ago, and within a few days she knew she’d found her spiritual home. Diane loves the genius of Glenn Clark, the camp program, being immersed in our natural world, and taking time apart in an atmosphere of unconditional love to become an “Athlete of the Spirit” in ways that honor body, mind, and spirit. Her deepest friendships continue to be many loving CFO/JFO friends. Diane is a fourth generation Californian, a business owner, and for the past 8 years a caregiver for her parents, family members and dear friends. She recently moved to Shingle Springs, CA and enjoys being closer to her daughter and grandsons as they explore the natural world in the Sierra foothills and Lake Tahoe.