You can pay for camp here, using Paypal, Venmo, debit or credit card...

Winni JFO also accepts donations any time of year.

Winni JFO Payments

Directions if you are registering:

1. Fill out the registration form that you got in the mail.
2. Copy the total amounts for registration and deposit to the appropriate fields below.
3. Complete the rest of the fields.
4. Submit your payment.
5. Send your completed registration form to the registrars via snail mail.
NOTE: You may include a tax-deductible donation with your registration.

Directions if you are making a donation:

1. Enter the amount of the donation below(all donations are tax deductible)
2. Complete the other fields, and enter “0” for registration and deposit.
3. Submit your payment.
4. You will receive a confirmation via email.

Directions if you are paying your balance, for room and board or any other reason:

1.Enter the amount you are paying into the balance field.
2. Enter your name, email, and phone.
Submit your payment.

If you are paying by credit card, we would appreciate the addition of 3% of the total amount charged to help defray the cost of Paypal's credit card fees.

All information is secure.
Winni JFO does not store your credit card information.
All credit card transactions are handled by PayPal.
If you have questions or problems, contact the registrar

Total Payment: