Welcome to Journey Farthest Out (JFO)

A unique and inviting non-denominational summer camp experience open to people of all ages. More than just a camp, JFO is a spiritual training ground. Here, amidst the beauty of nature and away from the daily hustle, you can immerse yourself in the warm presence of God. JFO is your opportunity to step into the 'kindergarten of creativity' and explore the joyous realms of spiritual expression. This camp is where the art of life transforms into a living prayer.

Our legacy

JFO is an authentic expression of the Farthest Out movement founded by Dr. Glenn Clark. A college professor, coach, author, and firm believer in the power of prayer, Glenn had a vision to create a spiritual training ground where we could come together as "athletes of the spirit" to renew mind, body and soul, steep ourselves in prayer, and go farther out in our individual relationships with God by integrating play, work, and worship into a holistic spiritual journey.

The Power of prayer

Prayer is the cornerstone of the JFO experience. Whether it's silent or spoken, individual or group prayer, you'll find that at JFO, prayer is a powerful and transformative practice. Our camp is a testament to the belief that God answers prayers, providing a space for you to bring your concerns with confidence and hope.

We believe that prayer is not just an activity, but a way of life. At JFO we integrate prayer into every aspect of our being. Our camps are not just gatherings; they are laboratories for spiritual exploration and growth.

JFO is not a church or an organization. It's a living, growing community focused on personal spiritual growth. We respect privacy, encourage unity in spirit, and foster abundant sharing. Our goal is for every camper to leave JFO renewed in faith, ready to live a life of health, joy, and effectiveness as part of God's Divine Plan.

Celebrating the full diversity of God's creation, we invite all to come experience the joy of kingdom living through participation in the full camp program. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities and ages; mental, emotional and physical abilities; gender identities and sexual orientation; economic and social standings; and family and religious traditions.

Join us at JFO for a journey into spiritual balance, fellowship, self-discovery, and inner peace. We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative experience, where the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts!